Our Facilities

Our facilities include a 1000 sq foot gym with three treatment tables, one of which is located in a private room. Our gym contains free weights and other accessories, a total body gym multi-functional cable system with weights, stationary bicycle, spin bicycle, elliptical machine, treadmill with partial body weight system and a NeuroCom balance master machine.

The partial body weight system is a harness device that attaches to the patient’s waist as they walk or run on the treadmill. The partial body weight system is used to decrease the static load on the lumbar spine and the lower extremities while exercising. The Partial body weight system has been instrumental in returning athletes to running regiment faster than with traditional exercise alone.

The NeuroCom balance master program was developed for NASA and is considered the gold standard of balance assessment and treatment. The NeuroCom balance master provides measurable assessment as well as treatments for a wide range of dysfunctions such as balance, vestibular and proprioceptive deficits.