New Balance Master System!

Welcome to Keith Mahler Physical Therapy! Thank you for visiting our site. For our very first blog post, we are excited to announce that we are upgrading our NeuroCom Basic Balance Master system to the NeuroCom SMART EquiTest® system.
balance master smart equitest

We are excited by the opportunities this new system will afford us, as we maintain our reputation as San Diego’s premier provider of balance assessment and training.

To accurately assess balance impairments, a physical therapist must consider a patient’s activities of daily living that are challenged by various dynamic postures. The Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) uses stable and unstable visual and support input to both assess and retrain patients to safely return to their daily activities.

For patients who have been to many “balance specialist” clinics and walked away without any improvement in symptoms, this system can finally help shed life on their conditions. Many different factors play into balance impairments, such as sensory system impairments, motor use impairments, adaptation impairments and diminished limits of stability.

Proprioception is the body’s ability to process incoming physical stimuli and move itself accordingly to maintain balance. The SMART EquiTest® system allows our therapists to adjust both the support surface and the visual stimuli to respond to patients’ movements and create random movements, to which the patient must respond, mimicking real life conditions where patients can retrain their balance in a safe and controlled environment.

Additional features include the Head Shake-Sensory Organization Test (HS-SOT), which assesses patients’ use of vestibular input during active head movements. A patient’s central nervous system and motor function can be analyzed, using the EMG option, which utilizes additional stimuli during support surface rotational movements.

We are thrilled to offer exceptional balance assessment and intervention to our patients, starting in January 2012!

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